Delivery Information

Shipping and handling information

Shipment is made immediately upon payment receipt

On a shipping company

The maximum delivery time is from 1 to 5 days as per shipping companies

Areas where the delivery agent is available on the same day



Delivery Terms:

1 - The price of the goods purchased should be more than 100 pounds inside Cairo and 130 pounds outside the Cairo area.

2- Within Cairo, delivery is free and shall be within a maximum of 3 days,

3 - Outside the Cairo area, delivery of a nominal fee paid to the shipping company in exchange for delivery of the request to the client.

4 - For the bill that exceeds the price of 50 thousand pounds should contact the management of the store.

5 - In the case of repeated demand for the goods or one customer before the completion of the first request, the request is suspended until the identity of the client is verified.

6. Any application that did not meet the above conditions will be canceled if it is not made within two days of the purchase.

7. If the same mistake is repeated by one customer, the customer will be permanently banned from violating the terms of dealing

8 - The customer has the right to amend the purchase order within two days and the right to retrieve the goods free of charge in the event of any defects in the goods